Welcome to the new AntonAntipov.com, where you can now get All Access to my workouts, nutrition tips, training plans, videos, and participate in live Q&A’s—like never before. Within the Members Only sections of my site, I’ve put together tips, guides, my learnings from years of trial and error, as well as my training philosophy. My goal is to provide you with information that is helpful, insightful, and practical. We’ll be filming my workouts and posting articles regularly—if you have a specific question, feel free to send me a note on the Ask Anton page for the chance to have your question published. I’ll see you in the Members Only section!
“You can’t fall if you don’t climb, but there’s no joy in living your whole life on the ground.”Unknown
AntonAntipov.com includes Anton’s original articles on training, nutrition, lifestyle, travel, occasional rants, and his Mr. Olympia 2015 Training Journal. Within Anton’s writing, the reader gets a rare glimpse inside the head of one of the industry’s top fitness professionals as he prepares for the ultimate competition, and never-ending, always-improving fitness journey. AntonAntipov.com is the new destination for All Access into everything Anton. Check back often for behind the scenes photos, videos, and more on Anton.


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    Olympia 2015 Journal

    Go inside the mind of Anton as he prepares for the ultimate competition: Mr. Olympia 2015. Anton takes the reader through the prep, hurdles, triumphs, and tips as he prepares for competition day.

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    You're now front row to Anton's everyday life. From live training videos, to weekly Q&A streams for Members, you'll have exclusive access to one of the industry's top fitness professionals.

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    Original Articles

    An avid writer, Anton takes Members through a wide range of subjects, including his take on natural training, supplementation, industry topics, lifestyle posts, and informative insights.

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    EXHAUST Training Plan

    Anton compiles 10 Weeks of his tried and true EXHAUST training plan for Members to blast through plateaus and reach new levels of personal fitness.

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    1080p HD Videos

    Follow along as Anton takes you through his workouts, rep by rep. Through years of trial and error and improvising, Anton tells all his tips and tricks for targeting muscle groups and getting results.

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    Ask Anton

    Have a question for Anton? Members get exclusive access to Ask Anton for questions related to training and nutrition. Your question could even be featured in the Members Only article section.


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