Exhaust Training Plan

Exhaust Training Plan

Here’s a bodybuilding split to help you meet your goals. Perform all reps at slow and concentrated tempo, concentrating on squeezing the exact muscle you’re working. The routines are split into 2 parts, 1-3 week and 3-6 weeks, the first part (1-3 weeks) is more or less to get your body ready for higher volume of training.

The following 3-6 weeks are packed with supersets and drop-sets (what I recommend is going up in weight each set even it’s by a couple of pounds) – it’s how I mainly like to train and how I train a lot of my clients.

If you time allows you, try doing cardio 3 days a week in the morning. My split would include cardio and core work (abs) in the morning, followed by lifting in afternoon/night,


On your cardio days you’d start with crunches. The way I recommend doing crunches is using the “super slow” method or as I call it – “slow burn” method. You would start in a position of a regular crunch, or you can do it on the ab bench, exhaling on the way up (it should take you 4-5 seconds just to come up), hold the position and exhale all the air out (this will allow for a better contraction of your midsection) and contract the abs as hard as you can for 2 full seconds. Start inhaling on the way down but keeping your core nice and tight (again, allowing 4-5 seconds to lower yourself back to the starting position) – then without relaxing your midsection come right back up for another rep. 12 of those, 4 sets no cheating.

Then you would do the ab-wheel roll outs, supersetted with hyperextensions. The ab-wheel is self explanatory, the only thing is once you roll back, don’t relax your core and keep it tight throughout the entire 12 reps (I usually come back 5 inches shy of my wrists being in line with my shoulders, then right back out, holding the extended position in a plank for 2 full seconds. 4 supersets, no rest in between the ab-wheel and hyperextensions. Core work takes about 15-20 min.

After core training, you’re warmed up and ready for some high intensity sprints. If you have a track nearby -great, do sprints there, if not, don’t worry. To do sprints on a treadmill in the gym simply start walking for a minute or two, while you’re doing that, preset 2 speeds, one you can run as fast as you can on for 45-60 seconds and one you casually jog on. After a minute or two of walking, start your sprints and keep intervals of 45-60 second sprints, to 45-60 seconds jog. Switch back and forth between the two speeds for 15 minutes.

Heart rate is through the roof? Legs are pumping battery acid? Good, let’s continue.

Stairmaster is a very boring machine, but great for steady low-intensity cardio, I incorporate it into my cardio rou-
tine along with abs and sprints. Set a desired speed, pick a good book and walk at a steady pace for 20 minutes while sweating buckets.

What I do is download audiobooks, put my headphones on a just let time fly. All in all, this morning routine should be under an hour, depending on your rest times, you could get it done as quick as

45-50 minutes.

• WEEKS 1-3

• Day 1 – BACK

Pull-ups – 4×10 (warmup)

Pulldowns widegrip – 4×10 + close underhand grip 4×10

Seated cable high underhand rows – 4×10 + barbell bentover rows 4×10

Hammer strength machine rows 4×10 + seated shrugs 4×12

Machine low underhand rows – 4 pyramid sets

• DAY 2 – OFF

• DAY 3 – LEGS

Barbell squats – 2 warmup sets, 4×12-14

Leg press machine – 1 warmup set, 4×15

Leg extensions machine – 4 drop sets (start heavy, do 10 reps, then lower weight, do 6 reps, then lower again do

another 6)

Walking lunges – 4×20 steps


Machine chest press – 3 warmup drop sets 10x6x6

Incline Dumbbell press – 4×12 combine with close grip incline push-ups to failure

Flat dumbbell press – 4×12 combine with regular push-ups to failure

Flat bench smith machine wide grip – 4×10 combine with close grip push-ups to failure

Cable flyes – 4×15

Machine flyes – 4×15

Machine press – 2 sets of slow burn light weight for 20 reps

• DAY 4 – OFF

• DAY 5 – ARMS

21s – 4 sets

Spider curls – 4×12

Incline curls – 4×16

Concentration curls – 4×12

Skullcrushers – 4×14 (7 reps behind your head, 7 reps to your forehead)

Tricep push downs – 4×12 (going up in weight each set, staying in same reps)

Reverse grip cable push downs – 4×12


Warmup – machine shoulder press 1 set

Machine shoulder press (heavy) – 3×6

Dumbbell Side laterals – 4sets – 7 light reps, 7 heavy reps, 7 light reps

Seated front barbell raises – 4×15 + 4 dumbbell side holds 30 sec.

Machine reverse flyes – 4×12 + shrugs -4×12

Dumbbell military press – 4×20

• WEEKS 3-6

• Day 1 – CHEST

Cable flyes – 4×12 (perform a flye with each set lowering the angle at which your palms meet)

Dumbbell Incline Press – 4×12 (superset with dumbbell flye 4×12)

Smith Machine Incline Press – 4×12 (superset with incline pushups 4×20) (going up in weight each set, keeping reps at 12)

Seated Cable Press – 4×12 (superset with machine flye 4×12)

Dips – 4×12

• Day 2 – ARMS

Rope Curls – 4×12 (superset with rope tricep extensions 4×10 holding at the bottom keeping the tricep fully contracted for 4 seconds each rep)

Decline Skullcrushers 4×7+7 (keep elbows back and bend at the elbow behind your head for 7 reps, for another 7 reps bring it down to your nose for a total of 14 per set) (superset with 21s – 4 sets)

Incline Dumbbell Curls – 4×14 (7 reps per arm) (superset with dumbbell overhead extensions 4×12)

Smith Machine Close Grip Press – 4×12 (push with your triceps keep your elbows in and don’t lower the bar all the way down like you would on a regular bench press, slow and controlled reps) (superset with drag curls on smith machine – 4×12)

• Day 3 / OFF

• Day 4 – LEGS

Back Squats – 5 (1 warmup) x 10 (superset with static lunges 4×8 super-slow and steady reps)

Leg Press – 4×20 – (superset with leg extensions 4×10 (2 second contracted hold at the top)

Seated Leg Curl – 4×12 (dropset: do 12, then drop a quarter of the weight and do another 12)

One Legged Press Sideways – 4×15 (position yourself sideways on the leg press machine, perform slow and

controlled reps pushing with the heel of your foot)


Machine Shoulder Press 21’s – 4 sets (superset with dumbbell static holds 4x30sec: hold dumbbells out at your sides about 15 inches away from your hips keeping tension on side deltoids for 30 seconds)

Dumbbell Side Raises – 4x10x10x10 (pyramid set: grab light dumbbells and heavy dumbbells, perform 10 reps with slow and controlled form, right away grab heavy db’s perform another 10, then back to light db’s for another 10)

Single-Arm Reverse Flye Machine Sideways – 4×12 (superset with bentover reverse flyes 4×12)

Lying Cable Front Raise – 4×12 (slow burn sets) (superset with upright rows using a 35lbs or 45lbs plate – 4×12)

Seated Military Press – 4×20 (slow burn sets / tilt dumbbells slightly inwards towards your head)

Shrugs – 4×15

• Day 6 – BACK

Pullups – 50 (in as many sets as it will take)

Wide Grip Pulldowns – 4×12 (2 second pause at the bottom) ( Superset with underhand close grip pulldowns


Single-Arm Seated Machine Rows – 4×15 (superset with light, but slow bentover rows 4×12)

Standing (or Seated) Close Grip Diagonal Pulldowns – 4×12 (2 second hold at the bottom)

Page 4

Rack Pulls – 4×12 (I prefer to do these over deadlifts because of my injured back, I also feels these much better in my back than I ever did with full range deadlifts, so I recomend them. Also, I do them on the smith – slow and controlled reps) (superset with shrugs – 4×12)

Hyperextensions – 5×15

• Day 7 – OFF


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  1. Don L

    Hey Anton! Thanks for all your work on your site. It’s great to hear from someone who is a natural competing at the Olympia level. Respect brotha!
    What are some audiobooks you’ve been listening to while you train?

    1. Anton Antipov

      Hey Buddy, Thank you!

      I just recently went through “Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder” and “Mr. America: The tragic History of a bodybuilding icon”

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