Chest Day

Anton shares his full chest workout and how he improvises with machines to target specific muscle fibers.


Machine chest press – 2×30
Dumbbells incline press – 1×15
Dumbbell incline press – 3×10
Goblet incline press 3×15
Dead-stop incline press on smith – 3×10 (4th set drop weight by half and go to failure)
Underhand barbell gravity press – 3×15
One arm machine press sideways – 3×15
Wide grip machine press – 3×15
Diamond push-ups on leg press – 3×10
Downward cable flyes – 3×12-14
Bentover cable flyes – 3×12-14


Songs featured in this video used under a Creative Commons license.
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  1. Daniela G

    Love the posing in this video! All female hormones aside, you are in incredible shape. Your abs look amazing!!! Love the vacuum pose… and the arnie chest pose – not sure what it’s called, but when you bend over slightly and squeeze your chest!
    I have been doing chest with tris for a couple of months now, I usually start on bench, then go to dumbbells (straight bench) then do uprights chest press on a pin machine, then do some pushups supersetting with overhead tricep extensions/pull downs.
    Question: Do you think it’s better for me to do chest press with dumbbells on an incline bench? Is that better for the top part of the chest? Thanks!

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