“I’ve been training with Anton for about 2 and 1/2 years, I am an older guy who was a real beginner when I started training with Anton I never thought that at my age I would have taken to training the way I did and I have to give almost all the credit to Anton. From day one Anton has taken me on more as a friend than a client. He changes my routines often and never lets me get bored. The highlight of my week are the days I get to train with Anton and I know had I chosen another trainer I would never come as far as I have in the past few years. Watching Anton’s own dedication to his sport has motivated me to achieve a level I never would have been able to reach on my own. Anton has taught me a new way to live my life through better nutrition and exercise. I consider myself a very lucky guy to be able to work with Anton as my trainer. I know that anyone who trains with him will feel exactly the way I do after just one session”

– Stephen Tawil / 60 / Brooklyn, NY

“I have been working out for four years on my own. I was doing what I thought would help me improve in achieving definition, strength and quality muscle, however, I wasn’t seeing much progress for the duration of those years. At some point I saw that Anton Antipov was training at the same gym I was attending. He would have his headphones on, dazzed off in his own world and he seemed to be putting his all into his workouts. He was the man! Unsure of how he would respond, I mustered up the courage and walked up to him. After introducing myself, Anton offered to take me under his wing and teach me new alternatives and training techniques. In the short 6 months training with Anton I have progressed tremendously. He showed me proper form, nutrition advice that would that would fit my lifestyle, new techniques and alternative ways of using standard machines in a very unorthodox, but efficient ways to work out every single muscle in my body. Being sore after every training session with him became the norm. A great trainer and an individual. Thank you Anton! #TeamAntipov”

– Valon Shabaj / 25 / Brooklyn, NY

“I had already been lifting for a few months before i decided to train with a professional trainer and came across Anton Antipov. I always thought i knew what form was and was pushing my body to the max after watching some youtube videos. That was until I trained with Anton. I realized for the first time what my body’s true boundaries were after he pushed me to my body’s full ability where my mind had given up few reps before, but with Anton’s pure motivation and trust in my body I pushed beyond. I have now been training for almost 2 years and I always go by Anton’s principles of pushing myself to the max and have been seeing results I could never have imagined. His ability and creativity in the gym with unique exercises and angles to target muscle groups, opens a whole new world to trainees. Highly recommend Anton to beginners and experts alike to expand their horizons.”

– Hisham Khan / 27 / Brooklyn, NY

“I have been working out frequently, but was seeing very minimal changes and eventually hit plateau. When I started training with Anton he started pushing me past my perceived limits to achieve the desired results. Anton’s passion and extensive knowledge of fitness allowed him to create challenging and motivational workouts that brought incredible changes. I felt stronger after each session. Thank you Anton for your enthusiasm, motivation and challenge. And most importantly for the results.”

– Lana Sofer / 36 / Brooklyn, NY

“Anton Antipov – one of the best physique athletes in the world, a great friend and an amazing trainer who puts 100% into training his clients! Training with Anton for my bikini fitness competition has been a great experience, he brought out the best of me, he pushed me beyond my limits and made me realize that I am stronger than I thought. He gave me some great insight about nutrition and taught me techniques that I now implement into my own training. If you want the best for you, Anton Is your guy!”

– Gabriela Panduru / 35 / Brooklyn, NY

“I have trained with Anton for numerous years. This guy basically got me into strength training. Even though at the moment we are involved in different sports, I still consult him on many things related to fitness & training. He pays a lot of attention to detail and understands what needs to be done in order for you to improve in your physical goals. Most of what I know now about bodybuilding are because of his knowledge and extensive expertise.”

– Roman Siromakha / 24 / Brooklyn, NY

“To start off, I was not a beginner when I started training with Anton, I participated in weightlifting events since High School. When I decided to start training again to get back in shape, I couldn’t see the progress no matter how hard I tried, I even used services of several other trainers before contacting Anton. The difference between Anton and other trainers I’ve worked with in the past, is how well he personalizes each workout according to your needs. He doesn’t just give you a great routine to work with, but also helps you understand the technique, how to “listen” to your body, how to target that particular muscle during an exercise exactly where you want to. He drastically improved my training form and changed my approach to workouts. With Anton’s help, I significantly improved my form & techniques that I now use even when I train on my own.”

– Viktor Gamov / 26 / New Jersey

“While there’s no question that Anton has created an incredible physique for himself, he’s equally adept at teaching others and passing on his knowledge. Armed with a tremendous understanding of how the body reacts to different techniques, resistance, and intensity, Anton is truly one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with. Anton has helped elevate my workouts, nutrition, and mentality to an even greater level, backed by sound advice and coaching. Thank you, Anton, for pushing my fitness to new heights!”

– Matt Bishop / 26 / New York, NY

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