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Before I go into supplementation I should state my opinion on supplements, which is – it’s an aid, not a solution. I say it time and time again, taking supplements and having lethargic lifestyle or being on a see-food diet (eating everything you see) is equivalent to watching a movie with your eyes closed. Quite often I hear people bash certain supplements because they “don’t work” – those same people chase a fat-burner with nachos (extra cheese), then bash the industry for making false claims. Don’t get me wrong, just like in any other field, you have your good and bad, once you find a quality company that produces quality products, stick with it. Got it? Okay, let’s move along. Supplements will work along with your nutrition and your training to meet the ultimate goals. I like to stick with the basics for overall health, for performance I prefer only a handful of supplements and even those only when I’m closer to a show. Always make sure to follow the label’s directions. Here’s a list of supplements I like to take daily for overall health, they are pretty much in rotation year-round, most of the following you can get for a good price on and Amazon:

  • Fish Oil
  • Multi-Vitamin
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin
  • Vitamin D
  • CLA
  • ZMA
  • Green Tea Extract

I train very high volume and as I get closer to a competition, I’m in the gym twice a day, usually 5-6 days a week. With that amount of training, the only brand I trust to boost my performance and recovery is Nutrex! Check out the following stack below and click the product for more information. When you click the product it takes you to Nutrex official website, straight to that product’s page, whether you decide to purchase one item or ten, use the code – ANTON30 at checkout for 30% off your entire purchase! You can use the code anytime, as many times as you like for yourself, your friends and your family. Anyway, here are my favorites!




If you’re into super foods, like myself, make sure to check out Spirulina and Chlorella, both of which can also be found on – they are great for cleansing your system, high in protein and elevate your energy levels! As with anything else, make sure you do your own research, read reviews and come up with your own conclusion whether or not a certain supplement is right for you. Now go lift something heavy!

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  1. Marc-Antoine H

    Hi Anton ! I would like to know if you take or have taken stuff like pro-hormone, GH, SARMs, etc. ? Also do you use fat burners all year long ? Well, Thanks, im curious 😉

    1. Anton Antipov


      I consider myself a lifetime natural athletes, so I’ve never tried any of the things you’ve mentioned, have a read the “Elephant in the Room” article I posted about how and why I stayed away from performance enhancing drugs my entire life. I take fat burners periodically, but I didn’t start taking fat burners until two years ago.

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